It's the First Day of School and...

I ended up catching a milder version of my son's illness and spent several days in bed resting.  I'm recovered now, but I'm still behind on life.  I did get one of my quilt guild's Pulse quilts completely done and am hoping to finish the second one today so we can get those out in the mail.  My guild meets Friday night and we are exchanging minis so I will share those next week.
I finished all of my The Aqua Umbrella QAL blocks and top.  I'm trying to decide if I want to add more blocks to make it larger or just quilt it as it is.  It's currently 58 x 60".

I am a week behind on the 365 blocks and I have yet to add all the 6" blocks to the top.  I also need to do this month's Fig Tree blocks, make some shirts for my daughter and me, finish piecing a bunch of tops, quilt and bind a bunch of tops, make more doll clothes patterns (especially since the quilt shop I've been working in is closing and I'm out of work again), and make more Sew Powerful purses and maybe some charity quilts too.  I have caught up on mending however!

I made 6 pints of freezer pickles and gave away the last few cucumbers from our plants, which have mercifully died back.  We got another small harvest of green beans, enough for dinner tonight.  The beans still look okay, but I am unsure as to whether they'll produce more or not.  

This has been kinda an odd summer weather-wise.  It seems like we go from pouring rain to hot, humid, and parched, although not as hot as some summers.  The plants look really scraggly and weeds seem to be going mad.  This morning I went to the bus stop with my younger child and there were mosquitos the size of sweat bees!  Creepy for sure. We usually go out and walk at night and haven't had the mosquitos.  We have had up to six tom turkeys wandering the neighborhood but I haven't seen any females or babies this year--also odd.  The rabbits are thriving and doing some damage.

Here's hoping I get it all together and get super-productive! 

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