Some Canning and Stuff

So far this year I've canned 12 half-pints of sweet relish, 11 half-pints of dill relish (which it turns out I don't even like; luckily I've found homes for 5 of them so far), and seven pints of dill pickle spears.  I'm hoping the spears turn out since last year's were inedible.  I tried a different recipe this year.  I'm also attempting some freezer pickles.  I have eight cups soaking in the fridge.  Not sure how many that will end up being.  I still have more cucumbers.  I want to cry now every time my husband brings in more.  We've had a small handful of blueberries, one jalapeño, and about a cup or so of green beans.  Oh, and the two bowls of lettuce I posted about before.  The garden looks really ragged, so I doubt we'll get much more.

In other news, we're getting ready for back to school next week.  The quilt shop I've been working at for the last four months is going out of business.  Since I won't have the job anymore, I am hoping to get back into my doll clothing pattern designs a little more.  I bought a Wellie Wisher doll over the weekend and hope to work with her soon.  I volunteered to quilt my guild's Pulse quilts since I got some parts from Grace that are making my long arm at least semi-functional.  My son has been sick for a few days and that is taking its toll on all of us.  Here's hoping he's on the mend.    

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