The Real Ancestry DNA Results

Ancestry ran a special a while back, so I ponied up my money for their DNA test.  I received my results a week or two ago and thought I'd share them.  If you recall, the first time I did a test was a Groupon special and it was "Ancestry by DNA", not Ancestry DNA run through  My results from the "fake" test were 88% European, 0% Indigenous American, 0% East Asian, and 12% Sub-Saharan African.  That didn't seem right because I am super white, pale like a ghost.  Anyway, luckily I got to do the real test and here is a screen shot of my results.

This fits far more with what I expected, although there were still a few surprises, especially Scandinavia.  I would have expected a little more German since it seems I keep finding German ancestors in my tree.  My mom's mom was adopted and we while we did get her adoption record unsealed, it only lists her birth mother.  So the dad and his origins are a complete unknown.  

When you do the test, they give you Ancestry users who've also done the DNA test who are your genetic matches.  It did link me up with several second, third, etc cousins who I KNOW are my cousins.  It also gave me a really high second cousin match with someone who I do not know that has a lot of Scandinavian sounding names on the visible portion of their tree.  I haven't had time to pursue it yet, but it is fascinating.  Ancestry just offered me a discount on more tests, so we ordered one for my mom to do.  I can't wait to find out what hers shows.

I also was going through the old photos I have.  I'd forgotten that I had some pictures of my great-great grandparents.  These are my mom's dad's grandparents in the late 1800s.  Aren't old pictures, especially of ancestors you never met, so interesting?  This part of the family line appears to go back to the Revolution. 
John J. G.

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