I Finished Something!

Last week I shared a baby quilt I was working on.  I actually have it completely finished!  I sewed down the last of the binding last night.  I used Greatest Adventure fabric from Riley Blake on this one--it's just four packs of charm squares sewn together.  (Note that each charm pack has only 18 squares.)  I did a quick, all-over loopy swirl quilting pattern on it.
About 36" x 40"

I also finished the R2-D2 top and found out that neither of my kids is that into quilts.  WHAT!?  How did they come out of me?  

So I opted to quilt my pumpkin quilt before R2-D2.  I'm trying out the Leader Grips I bought at last year's AQS show.  I'm not sure that they're faster for me than pins, at least not yet.  It takes me approximately one hour to load a quilt using pins and it took an hour to load a quilt as a joint effort with me and my husband using the leader grips.  :/  It is really fast to remove the quilt from the frame, however.  I had to make a few adjustments with how I set up things to accommodate the bulk of the grips, but I don't think that will be a huge deal.  Just have to remember to make sure the grip for the backing is clear of the dead bar before starting.
In other news, we've reached the wiring phase of the basement project.  This is a corner of my future sewing room.
My early daffodils are starting to bloom.  That means spring is here, right?  It's so awfully early for them though.  We'll see.

My son took his first standardized test yesterday.  He commented that it was really easy and only took him about five minutes to finish the whole thing.  I'm not really sure how to take that!  I will say that he doesn't have the best time sense yet.  He takes the high stakes one next week (if you don't pass, you don't pass third grade no matter how well you do otherwise).

I have tried cooking a few different things in the pressure cooker--some chicken breasts, ribs, and baked beans.  The chicken came out a tad dry, but most likely due to operator error.  Ribs were decent, beans I was not impressed by.  At all.  Anyone know how to remove onion smell from the lid sealing ring?

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