IHQS Show & Free Printable Quilt Care Card

Last week I visited the IHQS show.  It's fun to see local quilters' works displayed alongside national and international quilters'.  Another feature at the show the last few years is first quilts made by high school (or younger) students.  Although I generally do not photograph these, it's so fun to see new quilters represented in the show.  

This year's special exhibit was one I really enjoyed--mini quilts based on the National Parks.  Here is more information on these quilts.  I took pictures of a handful of the quilts on display.  Although I used my cell phone camera, I feel they are still decent enough to share--please enjoy them!

This week I am gifting the baby quilt I shared last week.  I made up a printable card with quilt care instructions.  I am sharing it with you, free of charge, here.  There are two cards per page.  I'm planning to mount mine on a pretty background paper.

I haven't really accomplished a whole lot in the last week.  I worked on a UFO and cleaned my kitchen.  I think my taxes are done.  I read a few books and kept up with the usual household tasks.  My daughter and I have been watching a bunch of episodes of Case Closed and my son had his Pinewood Derby (which he did quite well at--two trophies!).

Many of the trees are budding out and more daffodils are blooming.  We are supposed to have several inches of snow over the weekend.  Next week is the big braces installation!

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