Last week I was talking about how the R2-D2 quilt had been a series of annoyances.  I also mentioned that I had it on the frame and hoped quilting went smoothly since nothing else about this project had.  Well, I jinxed it because quilting is currently at a standstill while I pick out a 9" by width of quilt row of stitching.  (I offered my daughter $10 to pick it out, but she quit after a few inches.)  Somehow I managed to get a huge ruffle in the border.  I'm hoping that removing the one row will allow enough where I can go in and somehow fix it.  I've never had that happen before, and I'm not really sure what caused it.

Since I'm quite annoyed by having to rip out a giant row, I moved on to other things.

I bought a B & C Clambake kit on Etsy and cut and sewed that.  I changed the pattern slightly by omitting the solid strip along the bottom.  I was thinking maybe I'd make this into a pillow cover instead of a mini, but it's not square, nor is it a common pillow form size, so it's hanging around on my design wall until I decide. (And yes, I know I can make my own pillow form, but ugh!, more work!)

I also cut out a mini Bobbin Box quilt, but have not yet had time to start sewing.
I really need to make some new short sleeve shirts for myself now that it's warm again.  I bought all this fabric last summer and have yet to do anything with it.  Fitting oneself is a scary prospect. I used the same pattern to make some shirts for my daughter last year and perfected her fit, but we are built quite differently.  I just need to take the plunge and cut one out and try it.  Wish me luck!
In other news, we got part of the vegetable garden planted.  This year we are growing lettuce, broccoli rabe, red cabbage, potatoes, green and purple beans, and ONE cucumber plant.  We planted all but the beans and cucumbers, but nothing has sprouted yet.  To be fair, it's only been three days.  :D

If the weather is decent this weekend, I really need to clean out the dead stuff from the flower gardens and get some new mulch put down.  The deer have already decimated my tulips and most of the day lilies.  I'm sure the newly emerged hostas will be next.  Have I mentioned how much I detest deer?

Oh, I've gotten half of the pumpkin quilt bound and am a block behind on the Sewcial Bee Sampler.

Something I'm proud of this week is that I had bloodwork done and have lowered my cholesterol over 40 points since last time it was tested and cut my triglycerides in half!  This was the best result I've had in 10 years!  I attribute this to all the walking I've been doing since the last test.  It's good motivation to keep it going.  I alternate walking outside and on the treadmill, 3 to 3.5 mph pace pretty much daily.  I'm going to add in a rowing machine next week for some variety and to spare my poor feet.  Now to lose 30 or 40 pounds......

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