What I'm Working on This Week

I made a tablecloth for a DJ table, but that is not an exciting project to look at.  It just looks like a pile of black fabric!

Here are blocks 1 - 7 of the Sewcial Bee Sampler.  I feel like my photo looks almost fish-eyed.  How strange.    I was standing directly over the blocks with a regular camera.
I'm very, very, very slowly binding my pumpkin quilt.  I only have about 24" done so far.  :/
I have the R2-D2 quilt on the frame.  I'm using BB-8 fabric for the back.  If you look closely, you'll see there is no batting.  My husband kindly finished loading the quilt for me while I got my son into bed.  He left out the batting though.  :)  
This one has been full of frustration.  When I originally finished cutting out the pieces, my son informed me that he wanted a different pattern.  Then it took me over a year to finish sewing because it was so tedious.  Then it was too small, so I had to buy border fabrics.  Next, my son told me he doesn't really like quilts.  He did pick out the backing and I bought what was left on the bolt, which I thought was a half yard extra.  Somehow I calculated wrong because there was not enough backing.  Then I remembered that I'd bought a piece of it when it first came out.  Luckily it was two yards, just enough to very carefully add to my other yardage, but it's going to be really close side-to-side.  Hopefully the quilting goes more smoothly than the rest of the project has gone. 

I have a Thimbleblossoms Mini Clambake cut out and arranged on my design wall.  I'm toying with leaving the solid strip off the bottom.
Last week was our spring break.  It was super cold and blustery and we even had snow--more than what we'd had most of the winter.  Since it had been unseasonably warm many of my plants were emerging, only to be partially frozen.  The birds didn't know what to make of it.  I had flocks of robins in my yard and a lone red winged blackbird at the feeder.  Today is absolutely gorgeous and I happened to spy a towhee.  I got a really grainy picture through a screen before he hopped out of view.  I rarely see towhees in my yard.  I'm hoping this means spring is here to stay.

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