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I can't say I've accomplished a whole lot in the last week.  I kind of just took it easy.  Sometimes you just need to do that, right?  I feel like I washed a lot of fabric though.  Ha.

I am currently completely up to date on the Frolic mystery.  It was nice to take my time and spread the work over several days on this clue.
I'm hoping that we are near the end of the cutting because most of my piles are really diminished and this last clue wiped out the entirety of many of my fabrics.
Here's a fun thing--Bonnie Hunter herself commented on one of my posts!

Last week my friend and I went to a sale at one of the local shops.  I didn't really need much, so I got a backing for one of my UFOs.  

Here's a view of my long arm frame with a few quilts laid out that I need to make backings for.  The pile of fabric on the floor is what I bought for the UFO backing.
On my ironing table is another pile of fabric.  This is the base fabric for the string stars from last week's post. The stars themselves are under that.  I have a lot of ironing to do!  I could say pressing, but let's be honest, I always call it ironing.
Near my sewing machine is another pile.  This is one of my Cupcake Mix sets.  I really dislike removing all the papers.  I finally decided to bring them upstairs and tear out the papers while watching TV in the evening. After I trim the dog ears they will be ready to sew into blocks.

The new fabric bins are still in a pile and I have not even begun to tackle that project yet.  

One more fun tidbit:  Corey Yoder liked my quilt on Instagram!  Well, not my quilt, but my friend Denise's quilt that I quilted!  It's always fun when someone "famous" likes something you post.

Until next week, happy quilting!

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  1. Sometimes I iron, sometimes I press. In the end they are both achieve the same results. I'm still trying to get more suggestions for those stars. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down.