I've been super-productive since last week.  I went to a LQS (local quilt shop) and chose most of my fabrics for the Meadowland quilt along that starts in February.  I added in a few from my stash to round things off (not pictured).  I'm loving this fabric combination and am excited to get started.  
I also messed around a bit with my Sunshowers QAL fabrics.  I just wasn't feeling the love.  I looked through some solid pieces I had that were left over from the Postcard from Sweden quilt a few years ago and decided that peach would look better than having the two pinks.  I changed the order of the fabrics a bit and won't be making quite as large of a quilt as I'd originally planned, but now I like how it looks better and am more excited about working on it. Can you tell I've been in a blue and green mood lately? 😁
I trimmed and sewed all the half square triangles from the Stacy Iest Hsu fabric as well.  I am currently debating adding a border since it's around 10" right now.  The plan is to quilt the top and then make it into a pillow cover with binding.  I haven't done a pillow with binding before.  I looked up a video on how to do it and it seems pretty straightforward.  Just need to decide what my target size is.
The Frolic mystery quilt reveal came last Friday.  This is technically step nine, though I am referring to it as steps 9-15.  It is a lot.  I've been busting my butt to get the blocks done. 

It took me three days to get this far.  Once I got into a groove, it took about 15-20 minutes per block to assemble. Here is a stack of my finished whole blocks.
Then I moved to the next block of instructions and I am like, "What???".  I feel like I missed a direction somewhere.  When I looked back through all the other steps, I didn't see any I missed, but I don't have the pieces sewn that the step requires.  I DO know what I need to do in order to make it happen, but still. What? This is really not a beginner-friendly project.  Good thing I'm definitely not a beginner.  And as I always say, if you're getting something for free, you are getting what you paid for.
Just a random shot of part of my sewing room.  :)
I also have spent quite a bit of time doing some fabric shopping online.  Mostly because I needed two solid color fabrics, one for each quilt along, that I could not find locally.  And if I am ordering something, I need to make sure that I can pay the least amount of shipping for it.  It seems that Kona Blue Grass and Kona Peach aren't all that common.  I finally ordered from Fat Quarter Shop since they had both in stock.  Then I had to add more to the order because it wasn't worth it to pay shipping on that little amount.  Since I had already been perusing Etsy, I made a few orders from there too.  I'm not doing so great at using what I have, huh? LOL.

I also had to order a spool of thread. I received a quilt made of denim squares from a new client over the weekend and I didn't have the right color thread. I normally order enough to hit the free shipping threshold, but Superior was offering free shipping over the weekend, so one it was. Once the thread arrives, I'll get started on this one.  It's huge!  I'm a little afraid, but I like to try new things and I am so very grateful to have work.
I made this vegetable soup last week.  I cut and measured everything precisely as the recipe directed.  It took way longer than the recipe indicated--isn't that often the case?  Also, I ended up with more like 12 servings rather than the eight it said.  I wonder if my bowls are smaller than average or if recipe creators have giant bowls or something.  We almost always find that soup recipes yield way more than what is stated. Anyway, I froze six servings and have been eating a lot of vegetable soup.  It doesn't have any real flavor other than vegetable, but that is okay.   
I made Banana Blueberry muffins for dinner last night.  I make this recipe fairly often; we tend to get a lot of overripe bananas around here. The only changes I make are to use two full bananas instead of the 1.5 it calls for and to use muffin cup liners rather than greasing a pan.  Oh, and my blueberries are always frozen.  Make sure you use the light yogurt it calls for.  I made it with Greek yogurt once since that's what my husband was eating that week.  BIG mistake.  They came out really rubbery and chewy.  Yuck!  We usually have Dannon Light and Fit vanilla yogurt and that makes a really nice muffin.  Also, my son doesn't like blueberries, so I make up the batter minus the blueberries, fill his three muffin cups, then add the blueberries to the mix to fill the remaining nine muffin cups.

Finally, in the weird column...a while back my husband was laughing over a meme.  If you have kids who are school-aged, you know that for whatever reason they are really, really into memes.  I just don't get it, but anyway, I digress.  It was a bit odd for my husband to be laughing over one, and he told me to look it up.  If you Google Unmanly Fireworks Guy, you get several images, including these:
The original image, borrowed from the Internet.
Also borrowed from the Internet.
Screen shot from Internet.
I am a bit ashamed to admit it, but the twerking one really made me giggle.  The reason my husband was laughing is that the unmanly guy is someone he went to high school with.  And I went to high school with unmanly guy's wife.  They are very nice people.  How did this image capture the imagination of the Internet to become viral? What a strange world we live in!

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  1. I don't get meme's either. The soup looks yummy. When I make a post of soup it is not measure by serving but instead gallons. lol. The quilt on your design wall is beautiful.

  2. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down last week. I do love the colors in the block you shared. But I am really curious about those blues.