Finished Meadowland

Happy Earth Day!

I'm pleased to share with you my finished Meadowland quilt, my second finish of the year.  My finished quilt is 70" x 85".  I added four inch borders around the outside of the finished top, but other than that, I sewed it exactly as the pattern, by Then Came June, instructed.  It's a pretty easy pattern to sew.  I think it would be fun to make a half-size or smaller version.  I do love working tiny.  :)

I quilted my top with the Wishbone pantograph by Threaded Quilting Studio and used white Pellon cotton batting.  As a member of the Longarm League, I am offering 20% off edge to edge quilting on Meadowland tops through the end of July.  Hop over to my quilting website, Quilting by Anne-Marie, to sign up.  Or send me a message.  I'm pretty easy to work with.

I'll throw this out there too--are you a quilt pattern designer?  I'd love to partner with you for a project or two (or more!).  Message me or leave a comment and let's talk.

I'm still slowly moving along with projects.  Many of my mornings are still spent doing math with the kids. I'm teaching my son Algebra and trying to tutor my daughter in pre-calc/trig.  Although I can't remember much of the trig, we are doing pretty well with it. I think we have two weeks left.  My daughter will be done after that (she's a senior!), but my poor son will be stuck doing Algebra until we finish the book we are working through.  I'm such a mean mom.  Ha. Lest you think I am torturing him, he absorbs math more quickly than just about anyone I've ever worked with. Did you know that I have a degree in math?  I taught math and English before my kids were born.

Anyway, back to the projects.  I finally finished sewing together the main part of the Frolic quilt.  That feels so, I don't know, epic?  What a lot of work.  This coming from someone who actually completed the 365 quilt in the 365 days.  Now on to the borders.
I have not made any further progress on the Unity quilt, the Fig Tree blocks, or anything else.  I did finally figure out a color layout for the For the love of geese pattern.  I need to print all the foundations for that. (Had my husband buy a case of paper when he went to Sam's last week.)

I did cut, sew, and quilt another Quilts for Kids quilt.  I cut and sewed the majority on Monday afternoon and added the two remaining borders and quilted it yesterday morning.  I used a pattern that came with my software.  I'm calling it "boxes".  We thought it went well with the robot fabric. I used a remnant of Quilters Dream Blend batting. I'll try to bind it this week, and then it will get added to the pile.  I'm looking forward to the day when I can finally ship in all the quilts I've accumulated for them.

I just love when you can work from stash and create something of value.  I will admit that I have a bit of a problem of "saving" special fabrics.  Or most fabrics.  I am working on shopping my stash first.  It's worked out pretty well over the last few months.  It doesn't do anyone any good to just put the fabric in a box and put it in the closet.

I've spent several days this week working on my sister site, Quilting by Anne-Marie.  I'm hoping to debut its snazzier look soon.  Also, I would like to upgrade to a larger long arm machine, so I am selling mine.  If you know anyone who may be in the market for a computerized workhorse, let me know.  It's great for charity quilts with the robotics and it loves doing custom freehand work.

Let's move on.  My couple tulips outside my sewing room window are blooming.  I've noticed a few of the irises are starting to bud.  Many of the seeds we planted in the vegetable garden are sprouting.  One of the crabapple trees we planted last year is covered in blossoms.
We've found a bird nest in one of the clematis. The clems are popular nesting sites in our yard. I believe this one is a cardinal nest.  Speaking of cardinals, we have a male attacking his reflection in pretty much every window on the back of the house.  We have placed stuffed animals in the windows and added lots of window clings in an effort to make him stop.  Ugh.

How about something happier?  Food?  Does anyone else feel like you just sit around and eat constantly during quarantine?  I have gained a few unwanted pounds. We are cooking a lot more, of course.  We've been trying new recipes since we have nothing but time right now. Here are a few recipes we made last week that were really good.

Sesame Ginger Beef--I really liked the green beans cooked like this.  We used a one inch chunk of ginger rather than the three inches it called for.

Sour Cream Chive Bread--This bread machine recipe is so good we've made it twice this week.  Did I mention that we bought some chives from a local farm and got way more than we expected?  I think we had at least two cups chopped. Half a cup went into the loaves of bread.  :)

Do you like to cook?  I have several recipe boards on my Pinterest account.  I haven't made all of the pinned recipes, but I've made many of them.  I'm always happy to weigh in on what we liked or not.  I do delete the ones that we really didn't like.

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  1. Meadowland is beautiful, but Frolic is going to be spectacular! What grade is your son? I've got a college freshman and a high school junior under my roof right now, both supposedly doing "online learning" but neither one seems to have any work to do... I am SO worried about how all of this is going to impact my younger son's college application process, especially -- he's one who typically blows off a lot of the busywork informal grades like homework/classwork, then pulls his grades up with the formal grades that measure mastery. But the school seems to be doing informal grades ONLY, with not just final exams but ALL tests canceled. Not having a chance to show and get grades for what he has learned (without doing busywork that he did not need in order to learn) is going to cost him a letter grade or more in most of his classes.

  2. Congrats on your completed quilt! It turned out beautifully.

  3. your projects are all so great! That frolic is really really pretty! and your little quilt - so cute!! good for you for helping with the Math - I think that may be a struggle point for a lot of parents ...And glad you are all staying safe!

  4. I had a boy cardinal that would peck our windows. He did it for 8 years! I loved it, and miss him. He raised many a family in our side yard. Maybe you need to change the way you think about it?!
    I love your Meadowland quilt, so pretty!

  5. Meadowland turned out great and Frolic is just stunning. I'm excited to see what you do with For the love of geese. Let me know what you have in mind for partnering up. If I can help you in any way I certainly will. Thank you for linking up last week.