Homebound, Week Six Thousand

Or something like that.  Is anyone else losing track of what day it is?

In the last week I have made small progress on a number of things.  We got our vegetable garden planted. Luckily I had bought snap pea seeds a couple months ago.  Everything else we planted was from leftover seeds, so hopefully some of them germinate.  We have planted beets, baby bok choy, snap peas, and lettuce so far.  We have some green bean seeds, but it's too early to plant them.  I'd like to pick up a cucumber plant and my husband would like a jalapeño plant.  We need to replenish our strawberry plants too. Maybe in the next few months we'll be able to go get some plants.  I'd love to go flower shopping.

I've done a lot of math with my kids.  I teach my son a half hour of Algebra four days a week and I help my daughter fill in the holes with her pre-calculus. Other than that, I hover and make sure they are completing all their assignments. We found out yesterday that our school year will now end on May 7, about two weeks earlier than if we'd been having a regular schedule.  Thus my daughter's high school career goes out with a whimper.  Just think how much more interesting this story will be than a standard school story though.

Our solar power generation is going well.  We've had a couple of really nice days and our production is more than our consumption.  It will be interesting to see how our first month's electric bill comes out.

In sewing news, I have completed most of the first week's clue of Bonnie Hunter's Unity mystery quilt.  I haven't added the borders yet.  Maybe I'll sew week 2 and then see what I think should go between.  Also, I ordered several pieces of fabric that I was short on and I am still waiting on one order to come in.  Of course it's the piece I need right away. 😞

I sewed a few more blocks with the Fig Tree fabric.  I'm a third done with the initial block plan.

I started sewing together the Bonnie Hunter Frolic quilt top. I have the upper left corner done. This thing has a lot of seams!  Also, as I was staring at it on the wall, I noticed that I had sewn one of the pieces in the top row in the wrong direction. I'm glad I noticed it and could correct it before the whole thing was sewn.
I am watching Julia Quiltoff's free online appliqué and quilting class on Facebook.  I bought a kit from her and started working on it over the weekend.  I did make a mistake by not exactly following her instructions. I was supposed to stick each individual stem down, then stitch it down, and then build and stitch from there. I made this way harder than it needed to be by sticking down almost all the pieces at once.  Also, my machine appliqué skills are really rusty.

I also worked on Bethany's t-shirt quilt.  This is the first time I have quilted a t-shirt quilt and it was much easier than I anticipated.  I'm pretty happy with how it came out.

I managed to finish absolutely zero of my nine proposed quarter 1 finish along projects.  I guess I can repeat those projects for quarter 2 and try again.  I also missed posting an April One Monthly Goal.  Gah.

I have one project that I really want to start and can't, because I am still waiting on the fabric order I mentioned above. I am planning to sew along with my friend Denise's For the Love of Geese quilt.  Paper piecing is always challenging to me, but Denise has started publishing tutorials and videos that really make sense to me and I am itching to give it a try.  If only my fabric would come....   You should go check it out too!  Here is the link to the second week.  It's definitely not too late to join in.

Finally, I looked out my sewing room window yesterday and saw this!

It is a squirrel lying there with a walnut hanging in his mouth.  So weird.  After a while, he sat up and started nibbling the walnut.  I'm hoping that he nibbled the whole thing and didn't plant it.  We find planted walnut trees sprouting in all the wrong locations thanks to our furry critter friends.

I hope anyone reading this is doing well.  Feel free to email me if you need to chat!

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  1. Those darn gray squirrels. Enzo and I sit and watch them during the day, they look so funny carrying the walnuts that are larger than their heads. Frolic is truly lovely and your applique is awesome, I'm a little rusty too. Thank you so much for the shout out. Your electric company will likely have to physically check your meter a couple months in a row. When we switched to a wood burning stove they actually got out of their truck for 3 months to check the meter. Thank you for linking up last week and I am sorry for the delay in visiting and thanking you.