Meadowland OMG

Well, we've survived March.  I saw this meme the other day and had a laugh.
How is everyone holding up?  For the most part, we are doing well here.  My husband finally found some flour at the grocery store, so we can bake things now.  The kids have finished a week of e-learning.  It's not so bad.  Truly, other than everyone being home all day, it's not that different than my usual life.  I do miss being able to just run to Target or a quilting store, but I am coping.  I miss going to quilt guild.

I cut it really close on finishing March's OMG, which was to quilt my Meadowland quilt.  
I got it done over the weekend.  And I missed the link-up party, which closed last night. 😞 

Anyway, my quilt is still pretty even if I couldn't enter it in the contest. I used Threaded Quilting's Wishbone pantograph again.  I've used that design so much lately.  I did look for and consider a few other designs, but we felt that this one suited the fabrics the best.  Several of the prints are rain or raindrops and I have kind of a watery theme going on--well, that's how I thought it would look in my mind, at least.

If I can get the quilt bound in the next few days, then I will have finished exactly ONE of my nine proposed Quarter 1 Finish Along projects.  😳  Yeah, that didn't go as planned.  The theme of 2020, no?  I've seen so many people finishing so many projects in the last few weeks.  I am amazed at the productivity. I didn't get that memo!

My daughter helped me lay out my entire Frolic top with all the sashing pieces.  For some reason I thought I could grab some pieces and sew them while the computer was quilting the Meadowland.  I failed to recall that I should not walk behind the machine to access the design wall while the machine was running.  Oops.
My alternate plan: making some 2015 Moda Sampler Shuffle blocks with my Fig Tree fabrics that I had been saving for the past five or six years (since finishing two BOM programs).  It's much better to use something than leave it languishing in storage. Here's my progress so far.  I do not have any real plan for how the finished product will look. 
Then Bonnie Hunter announced her Unity quilt along.  Yep, let's start another new project.  I didn't think I'd be able to come up with anything cohesive from my stash to make this new one.  Ha.  Who was I fooling?  I have fabrics pulled and ordered only a few pieces that I was a bit short on.  Amazingly, I found the ones I was looking for, and I'm sure this stuff was well out of print. This is another instance of me thinking, why am I just hoarding all this fabric?  It's not doing any good just sitting in a bin.  Let's make something!  I'll share my fabric pull next week, but here's a teaser.
I'll leave you with some images from my gardens.

And my baby pineapple.

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PS--if you don't get the meme at the top...that is Justin Timberlake.  Back in the day, when he was in the band "NSYNC, when he sang "it's gonna be me," it sounded like he said "it's gonna be may."  Ha ha ha.


  1. Your Meadowland quilt is gorgeous! I really love the quilting you choose! It's different these days staying home. Like you I really want to run to the grocery store or Target! We found plenty of flour on one stock up trip, but still have not found toilet paper! That I just don't understand!!

  2. Pretty quilting, love those large curves! Lovely flowers too ;)

  3. Hey, the pineapple is growing :) Meadowland is stunning, I love everything about it and the quilting is perfect for the design. Glad you were able to find flour. No time for baking here. Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down. Even if you did not finish all your goals for the first quarter 9 is about 5 more than I finished, plus you got a lot of tops quilted for others.