A Tiny Bit of Grassy Creek Progress

Another week, another batch of quilts completed, and another miniscule amount of personal sewing. I've been putting in a ton of hours trying to finish up this year's bookings so that I can take a good amount of December off, or at least very slow. Here's this week's beauties:

Three memory quilts for Toni, quilted with either Tractors or In the Swirls.

Two baby quilts for Sandy Y., including full binding. The buffalo check is quilted with Soho and the other is quilted with Ginger Heart.

Next up is one of Ann's. I love the tiny little stars. She selected Curlique for the quilting. I selected Glide Sand for the thread color and it looks amazing. I still need to attach the binding to the front of this one (one of today's tasks).

I then quilted Faster Posies on Jess M.'s quilt. This one still needs a full binding (another task for today).

I worked on another of Ann's next. She requested Sapphire for the quilting and selected Tar Heel blue Glide. This one also had binding attached to the front.

I finished up with Janice's baseball/frog quilt. I stitched Chasing Coral on this one and it looks great! This quilt has a pieced backing too--it could maybe be reversible.

I also did some behind the scenes border work on several projects for clients.

I finally broke down and ordered batting scissors and seriously, why did I wait? These, combined with my laser square, are a game-changer. This is so much faster than my previous method of rotary cutter, mat, and ruler.

Use the laser square to shoot a straight line.
Cut from the loose edges toward the fold where the laser is aligned. Easy peasy.
Great investments!

I'll be testing a quilt in December and I pulled all the fabrics from my stash. Isn't that a great feeling? Though I did order backing fabric, I'm still pretty pleased.

My daughter is transferring from community college to university next semester and we spent a good bit of time this week going through checklists and setting up loads of different apps, filling out forms, FAFSA (ugh), etc. We get to spend a day (plus another several hours the next for her) at orientation in January and we get to pay handsomely for that experience. Yippee! I vaguely remember paying for my first college orientation many, many years ago, but that fee included overnight housing along with multiple meals. As far as I can tell, the only thing we get is a lunch. And based on newspaper reports about the lack of readily available food in the dining halls this semester, that could get interesting. But there are loads of restaurants within a mile radius, so no worries. Good things: she got directly admitted into the CAS, so no need to waste time and money on unnecessary classes (she can start right in on classes for her major), all her completed classes appear to have transferred successfully, and she should be exempt from all the entry testing due to her previous work and grades! Not so great: still gotta figure out the money. How does one secure a loan for tuition these days? 🤔

Finally, I am super excited that I made a small amount of progress on my Grassy Creek quilt last night. I'm hoping to get the bulk of the pieces sewn next week--just in time for next Friday's first clue drop for Rhododendron Trail.

And, reinforcing that I seriously need to slow down and take a break (it's coming, I promise), I totally addressed this envelope and then stuck the stamps and return label on the wrong side. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Good thing it's just going to my sister.
Have a marvelous week.


  1. Another collection of beautiful customer quilts. Wish I could offer suggestions on college tuition but that is unfamiliar ground for me. The quilting looks marvelous!

  2. Just added the laser square thing to my Christmas list. I'm sure hubs is going to be on it for a stocking stuffer idea (with designs of borrowing it) and my kids are like, "what the heck does she want that for?" Or maybe, "Did Dad write on the wrong list?" Now, what is the advantage the scissors? I get the angle but I don't seem to have a prob with my current one?