Flower Patch SAL Blocks 4 & 5 & Bonnie Hunter Projects

Hello! I hope you are doing fine on this holiday week. Things have been weird and hectic around here. That's starting to be my normal mode. Not sure how I feel about that.

I've finished several more quilts. I had several very large quilts that I needed to either bind or partially bind, so it won't look like I've accomplished much even though I worked every single day this past week/weekend.

Here's Sharon's Irish Chain quilt, quilted with Two Simple.

Next, Amber's Periwinkle Christmas quilt with hand-guided loopy meander.

And Sara's memory quilt, quilted with String of Triangles. Photos blurred to protect privacy. 😀

I've been sewing late and early to try to catch up on Denise's Flower Patch SAL. Hence all the poorly lit pictures. The link up for blocks 4 and 5 is open today.

Oops. This doesn't look right. Time to selectively seam rip.

Here is my completed block 4. My eyes are telling me this isn't quite right. 🤔

Oh, darn it! Now I see what I did wrong. Well, I'm going to link up anyway and then go back and fix it after work today.

I am quite proud of my fabric placement on my cardinal blocks. 

Side note: Denise told me she uses newsprint for paper piecing. I couldn't find any in stock locally. Bonnie Hunter has some linked on her website and I bought her recommendation. (Amazon, despite their many failings, is just so convenient. Sometimes I feel like I shouldn't support them, but I like that things just come right to me and I don't have to venture in public or take time out of my day to go track things down. Side note: when making my holiday work schedule for quilting, I neglected to leave myself time to get a haircut. Ugh.) So, the paper is fantastic. It tears away so easily. I was using copy paper prior to purchasing the newsprint. The newsprint is so much better! My only complaint is that you can't see through it for alignment. You could solve this easily enough by working near a window or using an inexpensive light box

Denise said we could sew together row one now, but I may wait. I'm contemplating removing the solid light blue blocks from the cardinals and inserting some more flying geese. I'll wait to see how more of the quilt looks before deciding.

Meanwhile, I haven't made any additional progress on Grassy Creek and Rhododendron Trail starts Friday! Here's the state of my Grassy Creek.

I'm hoping to sneak in some sewing time tomorrow to move this closer to a finish.

Here are my final fabric selections, minus the aqua, for Rhododendron Trail. I'm a little concerned that a couple of my pinks are too close to the "garnet", but I can always leave those out or add more of the darker "garnet" fabric to make up the difference if I remove the lightest one.

Best wishes for a safe, happy Thanksgiving. We're staying home. My daughter and I will be working over the long weekend and 3/4 of us are eligible for booster shots and have appointments scheduled this weekend. This means going back home to celebrate with our families over Christmas is a go. Everyone, including the young ones, will be fully vaccinated by then. We are a very small family. Please do your part to protect your loved ones and others' loved ones. My husband's aunt, though fully vaccinated, died of COVID last week because an unvaccinated "caregiver" (I'm feeling cynical about the care part.) in her nursing home infected her. 

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