Holidays & RBG

I was feeling like I haven't accomplished much in this past week, then I looked through my photos and saw that I had done a ton of work. I'll share all the quilts I worked on first, then share my sole personal accomplishment for the week.

I quilted and bound Sandy's Haunted Mansion quilt. This is the most fun quilt ever, I think. I tried black batting for the first time and it was perfect for this quilt. Quilted with Malachite.

I quilted three of Amber's holiday quilts. They are all very similar, so just one photo. 

Next I quilted and bound one of Annie's commissioned t-shirt quilts. Her client wanted double batting on this. I had only quilted a mini quilt with double batting before, so this was another new experience. It worked really well, however, I have to say that this quilt was so heavy when complete.

Then I quilted and bound Janice's RBG quilt. This one is going to be a fundraiser. She gave me free reign on the quilting design. I felt that Dissent was the only choice for this.

I started this week by quilting four table toppers for Jae. 

Finally, here is my sole personal accomplishment for the week. I got part of the pieces made for block four of the Flower Patch SAL. Block 5 comes out today, so I'm a bit behind. 

I'm still working on my fabric pull for the next Bonnie Hunter mystery. I'm most of the way done now. I'm waiting until we're further in to choose the aqua and I'm not sure I have enough white yardage, but the rest is done. Annie and I are going to cheer each other on and keep each other on task for this one. 

I am fortunate to have quite a bit of work scheduled for the next few weeks. That being said, I'm really hoping to find time to get caught up on my block of the month programs. This includes two blocks for the #Trending (yup, didn't get to October's block or this month's), the rest of the block for Flower Patch SAL plus today's new one, this month's task for the Macaron mystery (could probably push that into December), and my OMG this month, which is the Grassy Creek pieces. Wish me luck.


  1. All just beautiful, esp liking the holiday table runners and the fabrics in them. You're getting lots done!

  2. Thank you so much for sending the contact info for the cow quilt, I ordered it today!!

  3. If this were a race you would finish first. Wow, you have accomplished so much.