Big Project, Little Project

I’ve spent most of the last week working on a custom quilting project. I’m happy to say that after around 30 hours of quilting, it is done and back with Carol, its owner!

Here it is in progress.

For this quilt, I used the Lavender Lines Ruler from White Arbor Quilts for the curved design and the shorter straight lines because it’s the only ruler I have that has 1/8” lines. Why don't more long arm rulers have the 1/8" markings? Soooo useful! I used a straight ruler from The Quilted Pineapple for the stitch in the ditch along the borders. I also used the open toe foot and it was fantastic. I found it much easier to accurately hit marks with the ruler than when using the regular ruler foot.

I also used a long, skinny strip of paper. The paper functions like a custom, no-math ruler. You simply make a strip of paper (adding machine or cash register tape would be perfect) the length of whatever you want to evenly divide, in this case, one of the borders, and keep folding the paper until you get the division you desire. That’s probably clear as mud!

I didn’t have quite enough extra backing fabric to be able to get all the way to the edges with my ruler base on, so I created a pattern in IntelliQuilter to stitch out what I wanted for the outer border.

So relieved and happy to have that one out of the way. It was 75.5" square.

I also quilted this one for Deb.

And this baby quilt for Sharon, quilted with Scribble Hearts.

I have all the pieces for bird mini (OMG this month) cut out. No sewing yet.

I finished my Sew Tiny Sampler. The pattern is by Kitty Wilkin. This has been waiting for quilting and binding forever. And now it’s done! As you can probably tell from the photo, I struggled with keeping these consistent. It's still cute though, and a real challenge! This finishes at 7.5" square. Yup, the whole thing is only 7.5". I might try making one again someday. After I finish all my other projects. 😄

Over the next week, I am hoping to start sewing my bird mini, work on my Flower Patch SAL blocks (new one is out today!), sew some burp cloths, and put together my Macaron Mystery quilt. I’ve seen lots of finished tops posted on Cheryl’s Facebook page already. People are fast! I'm also hoping to get five customer quilts done. This seems overly ambitious. We'll see....

I harvested my lettuce this week. I waited about a week too long. It was super crowded in there and some was beginning to wilt. I had the light all the way up and definitely didn't have the four to six inches of clearance.

It tasted good. I made an Italian dressing to go with it and my husband bought me some surprisingly tasty little Roma tomatoes that I enjoyed with it--I'm the only one who will eat actual tomatoes in my household. Seriously, best grocery store tomatoes I’ve had in years. 

I'm curious to see if the lettuce will grow more now that it's trimmed. And maybe the final lettuce will grow enough to outgrow its dome. I'll keep you posted. Kind of funny side story: I was like, "Oh, hey, this hasn't been outside, so I don't need to wash it." My husband is like, "But indoors is really dusty." True. I washed it.

Also, the stupid snail escaped the fish tank again the other day. 😒

See you next week.

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