February OMG

It's time to decide on my goal for this month. I have plenty of choices. I looked at the list of potential projects that I submitted for my small guild's UFO challenge and picked a few choices that I felt called to work on. 

Here are my potential picks for this month:

1. Apple quilt--This is from the way back pile--maybe 1999 or 2000? I attempted to quilt it before Christmas, but my iQ went crazy and totally screwed up the pattern. (I tested the pattern on scrap fabric immediately following the actual quilt attempt and the pattern stitched out perfectly. 🤷🏻‍♀️) I have been slowly ripping out the first two rows of quilting and it is now ready for another quilting attempt. I am probably going to go for custom this time instead of edge to edge.

2. Sew Tiny Sampler--Needs to be quilted and bound. I have quilted and unquilted it twice so far. Nothing looks quite right on it. It's so small and my sashing strips are so far off. I just don't know what to do with it. Maybe just some light stitch in the ditch?

3. Pink/green baby quilt--Another from the way back pile, this dates to 2006. I used my embroidery machine to quilt the square blocks, did some stitch in the ditch, and then attempted the border freehand on my sewing machine. 🤣😅 And that's where I quit. It was too unattractive to continue. I recently showed my husband this one and he thought it was a current project. He was like, "What happened?" I am working on ripping out the ugly stitching right now.

The embroidered blocks are perfect.

There's nothing in the setting triangles because the design I used didn't come with a triangle version. The border is so ugly and jagged!
This is the saddest little flower you will ever see!

4. Grassy Creek--I need a break from this one. Maybe I'll pick it back up next month.

5. Flower Patch SAL--Still in progress, so can't yet count for a finish. I am keeping current on the blocks, though I don't feel like that's a great OMG.

6. Macaron mystery--My best guess based on past mysteries is that the reveal will be this month. I am up to date, but the mystery element makes this an iffy OMG choice. If you're making a Macaron, I am offering 15% off edge to edge quilting on Macaron quilts for the rest of the year.

7. Guild BOM from 2021--Need to assemble the top and then finish. 

8. One item not on my list--my bag of selvedges is full and I need to add these to my existing "yarn" balls. Maybe after I finish ripping out the quilting on the pink/green quilt.

9. Elizabeth Harman bird kit--This one is calling my name. It's small, but will be a challenge to get done in a short month.  I think this is the ideal candidate. It's my Valentine's gift to myself, working on something just for fun. My goal is to finish this, start to finish, this month.

I have mostly caught up on my clients' quilts. I even took off two days like a normal person instead of going full blast seven days a week. This is my goal for the year, to only work five days a week, or even just four!

Here's what I worked on last week. 

Elle's king size broken star quilt, quilted with Swirling.

Elle's cheerful quilt, quilted with Propel. We debated thread color on this for quite a while and finally went with the red Glide. It was the perfect choice!

Keetah's king size quilt, quilted with Lei.

And Sara's memory quilt for a friend, quilted with Soho. This one has a lot of photos, so I selectively photographed it.

Next up for me is a hand-guided custom. I'm estimating it will take me a week because there is a lot of ruler work and I can't work for long periods without my back hurting. I probably won't have much to share next week due to this. We'll have to wait and see though.

Oh, I do have another finish. This quilt is also at least 10 years old. I got the top finished and then couldn't figure out what to do for a backing or for the quilting, so it sat. I found some more of the fabric in an Instagram de-stash and had enough leftover pieces remaining to create a back. I kind of like the back better. I messed around with creating custom blocks using the iQ and tried out several patterns and elements I hadn't stitched before. Not my best work in any category, but it's done. 

Finally, here's an update on my lettuce. I'm at 3.5 weeks since starting the growing process. I have moved the light up twice over the past week. It's supposed to stay 4-6" above your crop. The Deer Tongue variety of lettuce is growing, but it's very tiny. The rest is basically ready for harvest.  

I'm seeing buds on some of the trees outside. It's been very cold lately and we are scheduled for some sort of winter event this week, but buds mean spring is on its way!

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  1. So, what did you pick? Did I miss it somewhere?

  2. Wow, this is a lot of yummy eye candy! When the computer goes rogue like that, I always think of HAL from 2001 A Space Odyssey. It’s like your IQ is telling you, “I’m sorry, Anne-Marie (Dave!). I can’t do that.” ;-). How fun to pull out an old project you weren’t happy with and give it a happy finished ending using skills and equipment that you didn’t have at your disposal the last time you worked on it! And that little bird project is going to be FABULOUS! Have a wonderful February, friend!

  3. Isn't it funny when we look at back at our own work from years ago and like, gag? When I cleaned out my spare room, the time when I found all the red fabric I had given up on, there was a Noah's Ark quilt I made using a coloring book. My son was very young when I made it and the appliques looked great, the patchwork not so much. Instead of working on it the trash man found a home for it. Quilting on embroidery machine, interesting. Hope you all are staying well. Thank you for always linking up to Put your foot down.