Time Keeps on Ticking

Another week has passed. Here is what I was hoping to accomplish:

  • start sewing my bird mini
  • work on my Flower Patch SAL blocks 
  • sew some burp cloths
  • put together my Macaron Mystery quilt
  • get five customer quilts done

Here's how I did:

I did start sewing the bird mini yesterday, but my day went quite off track and I just didn't get as much done as I'd hoped. Yes, the pieces are still attached to the sewing machine. 
Failing at making progress on the Flower Patch, but feeling confident I'll get this done before next week's link-up. I did notice that my little seam roller gives me a much better press than my actual iron does. Might be time to replace the iron yet again.

The burp cloths are done and have arrived in Michigan. Years ago, I wrote a tutorial for these. 

I have started assembling my Macaron Mystery, but set it aside because time is running short to get the bird mini (February OMG) and Flower Patch blocks done in time.  All the blocks are sewn and waiting to be assembled into a top.
Sorry for the lousy picture, but I'm not feeling up to laying it out and making a nice picture right now.

Am I the only one who stores partially completed quilts draped over batting rolls? Maybe you have a different spot in your sewing area you use for draping.

I did not complete five customer quilts, but I did get four done. I've spent quite a bit of time this week meeting with people to exchange quilts, texting, hunting down just the right design, getting thread and design choices approved, emails, phone calls, etc. It's surprising how much time that part of the job takes. 

I had to spend part of Monday troubleshooting why I was having thread breakage on the long arm and found some deep scratches in the bobbin area we had to sand off. Then I had to deep clean and test before I could get started for the day.

Here's what I worked on. First, Barbara's quilt, quilted with Unwind. 
Another of Barbara's, quilted with Diagonal Plaid. Both her quilts had really cute backs. Glide Lemon Ice matched her background fabric perfectly.
Elle's quilt, quilted with Pansy. It's hard to see the quilting on this one. I used Glide Pale Mist and it blended really, really well.
And Elle's Pickle Dish/Wedding Ring, quilted with Sugar & Spice. I used Glide Pink Rose on this. It ended up matching her peach fabrics and I was surprised how well it blended into her white fabrics.
We are starting to see signs of spring. Some of the daffodils are just starting to poke out of the ground. Some bush in my neighbor's yard is actually blooming. It's been rather cold lately, so I am surprised by that.  I'm starting to think about thinking about the vegetable garden for this year. I was hoping to plant some fruit trees on our spare property this year, but didn't get my act together enough to research what I need. 

Meanwhile, the lettuce in the house is interesting. Two of the lettuces started growing back and the Deer Tongue variety now has four tiny sprouts. I've jokingly told my son that I could harvest that for his salad (he's not a salad fan).

Speaking of my son, he won 3rd place in an essay contest for Black History Month. We actually had to file a W-9 for him with the city because he has apparently won some cash. And I had a whole one day to complete the paperwork and submit a portrait of him. I didn't even know he wrote an essay. Good news though.

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  1. Oh my gosh, how did you ever figure out the scratches were the issue? I would never...just...it's all beyond me. This is the part that I can't seem to grasp with my old LA--mostly because I lose patience after trying so many things. Hoping Lucey will be easier for me in this department, and maybe my intro class will have me feeling more comfortable.