Flower Patch SAL Blocks 10 & 11

I haven't quite finished my February OMG yet, but I'm really, really close. I have like 18" inches of binding left to stitch down. Expect another post this week with the finish/reveal.

I do have my Flower Patch blocks completed and ready for this week's link-up. I had great plans to be way ahead on this, but once again I found myself sewing late last night. Because:

This is a sign I had my husband make me for my sewing room. For real though, I have just been really busy and didn't have enough time. Though I do procrastinate a lot.

Okay, so here are the blocks.

And here they are all together, though I didn't have enough steam left last night to sew the current blocks together to form the partial row. Maybe I'll get a chance today. Only five more to go. I think I have a good idea what three of them will look like. I'm looking forward to seeing the complete quilt.

Here are the quilts I've worked on over the past week.

Janice's quilt. This one is a Bonnie Hunter leaders & enders quilt. Quilted with loopy meander.

Two for Cindy. This one is quilted with Mod Dotz.

And this one with Soho.

This one...whose could it be? 😉

One for Charlene, quilted with Wizard 007. The name of that design makes me think it should be a Harry Potter/James Bond mashup, but it's just the 7th in a series of Harry Potter designs from that designer. Fun fact: this is Charlene's version of the BOM I ran in my small guild last year. Not so fun fact: mine is still in pieces.

And Mary Ann's very first quilt, quilted with Saffron Blossoms.

As always, all quilts will eventually show up on my Instagram @just_anne_marie with details and lots more pictures. I'd love for you to join me there.

Over in the garden, several of my lettuces are ready for harvest again.

And, more exciting, out in the flower beds the daffodils are starting to emerge. I've also noticed a lot of flocking birds, an unfortunately large herd of deer in my neighborhood, and many dead skunks on the road. Between all the huge potholes and the skunks, driving really stinks. 😆 Spring is just around the corner and I. cannot. wait. I hate the end of winter.


  1. I enjoy seeing what pantos you're using these days!!!

  2. OMG you are so lucky to quilt all the beautiful quilts, do they inspire you? Your Flower Patch is so so pretty. Will you keep it, gift it or donate it. Not a lot of pot holes or skunks around here but Steve did count 27 deer a couple nights in a row passing by our house. He keeps telling them they are lucky we are not hungry. More snow for us today and tomorrow. Thank you for sewing along.