Loves Me, Loves Me Not Finish

I am happy to share my fully completed Loves Me, Loves Me Not quilt. 

The photo below shows it fresh off the frame. I quilted it with the African Flowers pantograph and white Glide thread. I chose Quilter's Dream Bamboo for the batting because it has a lot of drape/flexibility and I knew the quilting design was fairly dense. I wish I would have stuck with my usual white 80/20 because I feel like the batting gave a yellow cast to the thin white Blossoms print I used as my background fabric. 

I decided to do a flanged binding on this one. I haven't used this technique in quite a few years. I'm definitely rusty. It turned out okay, but not as nice as ones I did in the past. Maybe I need to gently press it so that it looks sharper. I think I might have had my proportions a bit off too. Oh well, the quilt is done, so it's good enough for me.
I'm struggling to get photos that accurately depict the fabrics. The background is white Blossoms by Riley Blake. I also used Moda Grunge (in turquoise?? can't find my order), Cotton + Steel Stitch and Repeat in Sorbet, and an old print from Denyse Schmidt. Backing is Riley Blake swiss dots in navy on white.

The pattern is by Patty Dudek (of Elm Creek Quilts and One Monthly Goal fame) and is available for purchase here

I've had a tough few weeks, nothing I want to discuss publicly, but it's been mentally exhausting. I am still working along to meet my commitments, and almost everything outside of my longarming jobs is complete. Woo hoo!

I've been thinking about what I want to work on next. Right now I think I'm going to assemble my Women's Voices blocks into a quilt top and get that finished. I have another block of the month-type program that also needs to have the setting pieced, and I'll probably work on that one after Women's Voices. And then reward myself with a new project. Maybe even in between those two projects. ๐Ÿ˜ I'm no longer that interested in many of my unfinished things, though I feel like I should finish them if possible since I started them. 

I did manage to complete a few quilting jobs over the past week. The first one belongs to Lauren. She selected Boho Boxes for her quilting and we used Glide Sprout for the thread. I am working on binding this one.

Next up is a secret project belonging to K. It's quilted with Mountain Range. Very small portion of the quilt so as to keep it secret. :)

Finally, Charlene's LSU quilt. She picked Slick for her pattern and wanted purple thread. We picked Glide Raven since it matches the LSU purple. (I think it's Baltimore Ravens purple. ๐Ÿ˜€)

Nothing else major is happening here. We lead a pretty boring, quiet life most of the time. We did find out that my son is eligible for a free dual enrollment class at the community college this summer, so we've been working on getting an account set up, having him do the placement tests, and finally, yesterday, we were successful in enrolling him in a class. He's not thrilled about doing a summer class, but I told him we were not turning down free tuition. He chose an intro to the solar system class.

I will leave you today with a story about our chickens. The hens and my husband seem to be in a battle of wills over where they will lay their eggs. They have never used the nesting boxes on the back of the coop, so he took those off and built a small box within the coop. They do lay their eggs there most of the time, but they don't like the padding he has put down to try to keep the eggs cleaner. Now the ones that use the box lay in this position. Also, can you tell that Beaker (the brown one) is Smoky the rooster's favorite hen? ๐Ÿ˜’ I think she needs one of those chicken saddle things, poor girl.

Sometimes the eggs break because they are falling onto the wood. I don't think that is worth having eggs without poop on them. But what do I know? I am certainly not any sort of expert on chickens and I don't eat eggs unless they are baked into sweets.

Have a wonderful week, and keep on quilting. 


  1. Your Loves Me, Loves Me Not turned out so pretty! I love the African Flowers panto, perfect for this quilt!

  2. Loves me - is gorgeous!! the colors are so pretty - and in the big photo, the white doesn't look washed out all all... Beautiful! and a flanged binding - look at you go!!
    Hope all your outside things start to settle down, they can be hard on a person. and your chickies -so cute.. maybe they will get trained someday ?

  3. What a fun finish! I spotted that old-school Denyse Schmidt fabric right away -- good for you for finding just the right project for it! I found your comment about batting interesting. I use Warm and White specifically because I use a lot of white backgrounds and have had 80/20 affect a background of Pure Elements in Linen (the background wasn't as bright with 80/20 and the other colors in the quilt didn't pop as much as a result). But I can see how a yellow cast would be desirable for particular projects.