Ode to a Spray Bottle

I had big plans to cut and start piecing the sashing for my Women's Voices quilt. However, my 35 year old Caboodles spray bottle that I use for spritzing fabric while ironing gave out while spritzing the black cornerstone fabric. I am so sad; it's been my faithful companion for a large chunk of my life. 😭 We had no other spray bottles in the house, so I couldn't press anything til I got a new one. 

Although I was able to get a new spray bottle (may have actually gotten three different ones...), I sort of lost interest in the sashing. This is as far as I got. That ugly brown fabric is the sashing fabric and the black is for cornerstones.

Instead, I decided to put together a Quilts for Kids top. I didn't have any suitable backing fabric, so we made a quick trip to JoAnn and got fabrics to make one more quilt as well. We selected Grogu fabric, which is not pictured since it's in the washer. Here is the first top I made, all from stash. Maybe I can get this one quilted and bound over the weekend.

Meanwhile, I've been busy quilting and have nearly reached the end of my queue for the first time in four years. So if you need something quilted quickly, I am currently at a one-week turnaround. Most of the time I'm at four+ weeks, so this is weird for me. Anyway, I've worked on some nice quilts this week. 

This one is Kayle's, quilted with In the Swirls. The quilt pattern is called Waltz of the Flowers.

Next up is Jayne's. She won the free quilting prize from Meadow Mist Designs' Melodic Mystery QAL. We decided to go with Midnight Sparkle and it looks amazing! she used several of the sparkly solid fabrics in her top.

Amber's baby quilt is next. She picked Ginger Hearts for this one.

I quilted Amber's table runner with loopy meander.

Charlene selected Rainbow Hearts for this baby quilt made with Tula Pink fabrics.

Sara's quilt is quilted with Chasing Coral.

And finally, Patricia's quilt, quilted with loopy meander. She created the cute elephant fabrics. It's not pictured, but the back is another quilt!

Besides all the quilts, we completed another school year (the boy wore his button-up dress shirt and sweat shorts for the last day of school 😆), and we took a trip to the zoo over the weekend. It was one we hadn't been to before and the weather was perfect for walking. Our favorite part was the tropical bird area. 

We also pulled out a lot more spearmint from the lower garden and got the zinnias sown. The kids brought Henry the injured rooster down to forage in the garden. They thought he'd go for the ants and the spearmint, but he declined. He took a bite of a milkweed leaf and then went crazy for the Johnsongrass out in the lawn. While he still walks with a limp and sits a lot, he does get out of the coop by himself each day and his "walnut" on his head is looking much healthier. He still requires assistance to get back in the coop at night.

I finished my last big quilt guild board meeting. Well, I still need to type the notes, but after that all I have to do is hand off the info to the new person next month. I served for 2.5 years.

After renewing our expired building permit, we have now started construction on the garage/barn/workshop/whatever you want to call it. 

The OMG finish linkup opens tomorrow and runs through the end of the month. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's finishes.

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  1. Oh so sad... I hate it when things that have worked forever and are familiar... give up on me! Hope your new bottles are good to you!
    and what a cute kids quilt! love that spaceman fabric