Quilts for Kids

How's your week been?  Not much sewing has been going on here. After having just a cement floor for almost a year, construction has begun on my husband's barn/garage/workshop. The kids and I helped him tip up the walls at first. Then he discovered he could lift them into place using his tractor if he made them a little smaller. Now I help him periodically by holding the level and making sure the wall is level before tightening it down and/or stabilizing it and cleaning up all the tools each evening. Here's how far we got over the last week.

I quilted my Quilts for Kids astronaut quilt with the Driftwood design. I still need to bind it.

I also started on the Grogu quilt and have the top completed. I changed my mind on color placement and now it is very green. Maybe I should have stuck with my initial plan, but too late now. The wood grain fabric frayed a lot during construction, so it's probably for the best. 

I've completed a few quilts for others.  First is Annie's baby quilt, quilted with Soho. She's so creative!

Next is Carol's Tula Pink quilt. She selected Pretty Paisley for the quilting. She's on vacation, so I've been enjoying all the pretty colors until she gets home. (And traveling vicariously through all the photos she's shared. 🙂)

And finally, Haley's Chilhowie, quilted with Christmas. I really like her colors; they are very different than Bonnie Hunter's and most of the completed tops I've seen on social media. Today's task is to make and attach the binding to the front.

Also, I enjoyed finding this little figure hiding in the fabric pictured below. It's probably a little over a quarter inch. 

Over in the gardens, the clematis continue to put on a good show. Look at all the buds on the purple one! They and the catmint are the only things thriving in the flower beds so far.

It's been tremendously dry here, so I've been watering parts of the lower garden and the vegetable gardens every other day, along with all the spruce trees we had planted this spring. It's so dry the lawn is starting to burn out. Well, the weeds in the lawn. We don't have a ton of grass. The ground feels like August instead of May.

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  1. What a lot of wonderful eye candy! Thanks for sharing everything. Your two kid quilts reminds me that a cute fabric works exceptionally well in a simple piecing pattern. I think I need to check what fabrics I have that will do most of the work. Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Love your Building coming up - I think its so cool to see things in process - and then BAM!! the final product!!
    your quilts are all so pretty - I really like that Grogu one!!!