Revisiting Old Projects

I'm making good progress on my OMG, which is to quilt and bind my Tall Tales quilt. I have quilted it and am slowly making my way on the binding.

Since I'm now current on my QALs and other quilty obligations, I had to decide what to work on next. I've been inspired by some of the participants in the OMG linkups to work on reducing my UFO list. I knew I needed to pull out the Women's Voices quilt and just get it over with. I think this one was purchased somewhere between 2000-2005 based on where we lived when I remember starting it. I looked through the blocks and the remaining fabric to try to figure out what was needed.  The major issue was the school house-type blocks. This one doesn't look quite right, does it?

I did a little seam ripping and righted the windows. As I recall, there were templates within the directions for this block. They must not have been reproduced at the correct scale because there was no way this block would look like the photo of the finished block based on the templates provided. I remember being really upset about that last time I worked on these, probably more than five years ago. I decided to just go with it because I don't really care at this point.

I no longer have this project's quilt pattern. It is still commercially available from the designer. Please do not ask me for the pattern; please go honor the creator and purchase a legal copy.

I placed all the blocks on the design wall and then tried to puzzle out how to do the sashing and borders based on the line drawing and the fabric I still have. Looking at the blocks over the past few days, I found several piecing errors that I am not planning to correct--one has the units turned the wrong way, but they are symmetrical, so I'm leaving it. Another has one piece of the fabric inside out. It's in the other school house block, so it, too, is staying. I think my biggest issues with this quilt all have to do with the fabrics. This was a block of the month program and I feel like the fabrics just aren't that harmonious together. I also noticed that a lot of the fabrics distorted and/or shrunk when pressed during construction. I don't even use steam. 

I don't like the provided sashing fabric, but I will use it. I will need to do something different for the binding though, because that looks absolutely horrendous next to the sashing fabric. Oh, and I thought it had outer borders, but it doesn't.

I pulled out one other project too. This one was a shop hop project from 2007. I bought the kit for the quilt pictured on the right of the middle row, only I remember having her make it bigger for a 12-block kit since I prefer rectangular quilts. I recall working on this one when we lived in Maryland, so 2009-2011 or 12. I'm thinking I probably put it away because I needed to figure out how to make the last three blocks out of the leftovers from the nine blocks available in the shop hop. Or maybe it was time to move again and non-essentials got packed early. These blocks were from the Jamestown quilt by Marti Michell.

I decided to see if I could figure out the blocks this week because that's way more fun than cutting and piecing sashing. Here is my first block, Powhatan Village.

I also made sure there was enough left to cut out the other two. The colors are probably a bit different than instructed, but that's just fine.

Meanwhile, I got a few more quilts completed for my lovely, patient clients. Like I mentioned before, we had a rough few weeks here (sorry for residual grumpiness that may have spilled over into my writing the last several weeks) and I've been feeling a bit under the weather this week on top of that.

The first one is entirely hand-pieced and belongs to Maria. She requested Interlocked Orange Peel with a certain shade of gray thread. I also prepped and applied the binding to the front of the quilt for her.

Next I worked on Pat's quilt. I went with Diagonal Plaid Bias Cut for this one and a different gray thread.

I also quilted Marilyn's baby I Spy quilt with Stipple. Things worked out just right on this one so that she got same day service. :)

And finally, Sara's rainbow quilt is quilted with Flirtatious and a third gray thread. 😄

Something you may not know about me is that reading is one of my greatest pleasures in life. Like, if I had to give up every hobby but one, I'd keep the reading. I mostly read fiction because reading is my mental escape. My 2017 Kindle became basically inoperable last week. The wifi would not connect anymore, so I couldn't access new books. This is so frustrating because the battery is still really good. I guess I should have known this was coming since they haven't had an update since 2021 and I could no longer buy a case for it. I bought a 2022 model replacement, which also required a different charging block than the one I'd been using, and a new case. They all came Saturday. The case was not what I ordered; it appeared that someone returned a different case in the packaging since the outer packaging was correct. This has happened to me on phone cases too. Ugh. People are gross sometimes. The correct case was delivered Monday and now I'm getting used to the much newer version and learning where all the functions are. 

We were able to spend some time in the gardens this weekend in between rain storms. We spent an hour ripping out spearmint from the lower garden. Another hour or so with all of us weeding should knock it down for a few weeks. I think most of my iris blossom buds got frostbitten a few weeks ago, but I can see one lone flower out there.

My daughter and I planted the remainder of the vegetable seeds Saturday. We got huge storms Saturday night into Sunday and I was worried all the seeds would be washed away. Things looked okay and the peas we'd planted a week ago are starting to sprout. I'm also trying out the seed starter deck in one of the Aerogardens to start thyme (such microscopic seeds!), San Marzano tomatoes, and dahlias.

Our rose breasted grosbeaks arrived last week Wednesday. They usually stay for a few weeks. 

We also discovered that we have migrating white crowned sparrows. I took this picture through the screen, so it's a bit dark. My daughter's Merlin app picked up a ruby crowned kinglet while we were working in the garden. I've never seen one, but maybe it was there. Sometimes the app isn't quite right, such as thinking our chickens are shore birds. 😆

I was looking out the slider at the grosbeaks Sunday afternoon. My son was standing there too. I noticed one of the grosbeaks looked funny and was using the binoculars to get a closer look. We realized that it was a blue grosbeak. I've only ever seen one one other time in the eleven years we've been here. My son ran to get the camera. We had to switch out the lens to the one that zooms more, and by the time we had that done, the blue grosbeak was gone. We then stood there for an hour with the binocs and the camera and it never came back. My son has continued to take photos of the various birds on the feeders since then. I think this is my favorite shot. That grosbeak looks pretty buff. LOL.

I managed to catch the shy red headed woodpecker too.

One last thing...My husband's been hard at work and something exciting is coming to my sewing room very soon. Hint: he likes to make mods for my longarm.
One more last, last thing: The local UPS store has been driven into AGAIN!!!

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  1. Great projects - and list making does help sometimes!! Love your Tall Tales!