It's Done, It's Finally Done!

I got up unnecessarily early this morning and resumed working on my Astrid quilt.  I had about 20" left and I really was tired of working on it, so I figured I'd start early and knock it out this morning. I used 17 bobbins on this.  Normally I would use 5-8 bobbins on a quilt this size.  It is totally full of mistakes and I forgot from top to bottom how I had quilted some parts, so it has continuity issues. I didn't have the right size rulers for parts, so I had to attempt a smooth line on my own--didn't happen.  I missed my marks or the machine slipped or whatever many times. Plus I had a difficult time staying within the lines and I am now so over quilting clams!  I estimate I have 24 hours into it and it was on the frame for three weeks. But it is done.  It looks good from a distance!  ha ha  

As a reminder, the pattern is called Astrid and is available from Tiny Orchard Quilts.  The fabrics for the top are Tula Pink's Spirit Animal and Kona Snow.  The backing is a Tula wide back, Freefall.  Thread is Superior So Fine #50.

I also finished off my little snowman cross stitch last night.  Now I have to mount and finish it.  It will be an arched ornament.  I have enough left over fabric to make a second.  I'm not sure if I'm going to do that right away or do something else in between.  Plus I now have a giant quilt to bind!
In other news, #getyourquiltywishesgranted4 on Instagram is alive and well for the holiday season. Last year I sent several people things, but did not ask for anything in return.  This year I asked for selvedges or skinny strings because I want to make a knitted rag rug as a gift.  I've been saving mine for over a year and it doesn't really add up very quickly.  I also selfishly asked for some April Showers fabric and a few people are sending me some.

I am sending out this stuff to people so far.  A few people are looking for sewn blocks for charities, so I am hoping to sew a few of those too.
We have three weeks left before FLL competition and are nowhere near ready.  Well, I should say the boys are not ready.  Anything I have to have done for them is done.  It's up to them to finish it. I just have to nag them.  I'm probably pretty good at that.  😏

Oh, and the mirrors we had made for the dressing table are finally done and I had my husband make finishing everything top priority over the weekend, so here is the finished thing....thirteen years after we got it.

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  1. Yeah - it looks fine! Beautiful in fact! No one and repeat after me - No one notices anything like the artist (and you are an artist!) We are all in this together and the quilting is really lovely! Thanks for sharing this.