Woppet Swap Team #woppet_kiwi

I mailed out my Woppet swap package on Saturday, and the recipient, Amista, received it on Monday.    As I've been mentioning, I really struggled with what to make for this swap.  (Who am I kidding, I struggle with what to make for almost every swap.  It seems like I always get someone with a HUGE social media following and then I feel a ton of pressure.)  Anyway, I finally settled on making a Sew Together bag and a unicorn cross stitch for the extras and went with the plain Tula Woppet bucket.
Woppet bucket made with various Tula Pink fabric lines including Elizabeth, Eden, and Spirit Animal.
I love the elephant print I used for the lining, but I could not get my camera to focus on it at all.
Sew Together bag using various Alison Glass fabrics and linen.
The flying geese pattern I used is from Michael Ann Made.
The inside was pretty bright.  I had a terrible time finding any zippers to coordinate,
hence the crazy green one.

Cross stitch pattern by CrossStitchDaily.com, available on Etsy.
I changed a few of the colors.  For the white, I used a combo of white and blending filament.
I also added some outline stitching around the unicorn to make it show better.
Here's everything I sent.  The Hot Wheels car was for her son.
The swap requirements were 1. a Woppet bucket, 2. a handmade extra,
3. other extras to total $10, and 4. a fat quarter of your choosing.  Mine is one of Heather Givans's lines.
I think she liked it.  Social media commenting has been pretty positive, so I'll call it a win.  I haven't received my package yet.

We are deep into the FLL season and we are super far behind.  Only six weeks to go.  My husband is finishing up his ninth of ten Masters classes this week.  Then he gets a break until March, so I'm hoping my sewing room will be finished within that time.  Right now we are waiting on my father in law to finish up my cabinets.  I'm also moving toward officially offering my long-arm quilting services to the public.  I just need to decide on a business name, which is turning out to be much more difficult than I anticipated.

Speaking of long-arm quilting, my daughter has decided on a fairly complex custom quilting design for the Astrid test quilt I shared a few weeks back.  It will be a challenge, for sure!  A lot of ruler work and custom free motion filler.  Plus, the blocks are huge, so they don't completely fit in my available quilting space.  I'm anticipating it taking a good week to finish. I'll update as I go along.

I finished up my applesauce canning project last week.  I had a half bushel of apples and got a yield of eight quarts and one pint.  I also had a bit of hot applesauce bubble out of the pot and burn my hand pretty badly.  Luckily it's only a quarter-inch or so size spot.
Until next week, happy sewing!


  1. You have been busy!!! We are full-swing into apple harvest. Although this isn't our biggest yielding year, it just might be the second. That year we harvested about 10,000 pounds of apples off 8 trees! We've been drying apple rings (the food dehydrator hasn't stopped in a week since we started it), making applesauce for freezing (not doing the canning anymore due to getting a glass top stove), making pies and crisps, and making pie filling for the freezer. Tomorrow we start cidering with the help of friends and family. We pay them in apples and cider.

  2. Oh! That Sew Together Bag is absolutely ADORABLE!!! Those tiny Flying Geese make a perfect accent for it.