Woppet Swap Team #woppet_kiwi Part Two

I received my Woppet swap package from Betsy in Germany last week.  She made me a two-sided bucket lined with the cutest flamingo fabric.  I should mention that I love plastic yard flamingos.  I find them really amusing and I also use them to strategically protect some of my flowers from the deer.
Isn't this a nice swap package?
Anyway, I got a really nice bucket and I love that the sides are stiff so that it stands up.  One side has a pieced block and the other has some flamingo hexies.  She also sent me a much-needed couch caddy for sewing that I've been using all week.  It lives on my arm chair now.

Some new fabric snips, lots of fabric, some bath salts, and some German Lindor candies were in the package too.  I'm so pleased with everything she sent!  I can't wait to try the Lindors to see if they taste the same as the ones sold in the U.S.
I've had some brief bursts of productivity. I started quilting my Astrid quilt.  Does anyone else think of The Office when they hear that name?  LOL.  It took me an hour to get the first four inches quilted.  I haven't had time since to go back and work on it.
I made 12 Halloween napkins last week.  I sent eight to my sister--forgot to take a picture of those before I sent them.  I also made four for us.  
I also started piecing the Fig Tree jelly roll diamond pattern.  (Note:  fabric is by Sandy Gervais, I think.) I had made the strip sets a while back and then left them all piled up on my bigger design boards.  I have a guild Sewcial day this weekend and thought I might like to take a design board or two with me.  So I needed to start sewing to clear some off!    I've accepted some imperfections in some of the seam matchings, so it's not too bad.  I need to make 20 some-odd of these.  Pressing will be fun...

I cut out all the fabric to make another Floral Burst quilt--I call it a cross quilt.  The pattern is from Love Patchwork & Quilting issue 31.  It's on the cover.  I made one for my mom two years ago, I think, and decided to make one for myself in a slightly different color way.  I'm planning to work on this at Sewcial.  

I've been working on some small cross stitch projects in the evenings--so glad to have my new sewing caddy to catch all my thread trimmings and to hold my scissors.
Now that my husband is completely finished with his class, he has been working on getting the window in my sewing room trimmed.  Obviously not painted yet!  Now that the leaves are falling, you can really see my neighbors' house through the woods.
And we still have four and a half weeks before the FLL competition, so tons of time is being spent there. 

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