Working in Fits & Starts

I seem to have started a bunch of stuff in the last week and made little progress on anything.

I did get the binding attached to the front of the Tula quilt, but haven't started sewing it to the back yet.

I removed (again--third? fourth? time) the quilting from my mini Postcard quilt.  I will need to press it again and try quilting it again now that my sewing machine is working better.
I started a simple cross stitch and found out I didn't have enough of the main color, so had to pause and go buy a skein of floss.  And haven't gotten back to it since.
My son outgrew his favorite pajama pants.  Luckily I had anticipated this and bought more of the same fabric.  I made it up to the hem and stalled out.  I also have had a huge chunk of flannel hanging around for years to make my daughter a nightgown.  It never got made--I think one of the pattern pieces had gotten lost--and I decided to just make her some flannel pants too.  So after the hem, that will be my next project.
I'm planning to quilt my Coral Queen of the Seas quilt next.  It's a pretty big quilt.  I decided to go with a pantograph on it.  I consulted with my daughter on which pattern to use.  We selected one called Outside In.  Before I can begin that, though, I will be quilting our guild's charity quilt.  I think I'm receiving the top Friday, so maybe next week I can start Coral at long last.

I have sent out most of my #GetYourQuiltyWishesGranted4 packages.  The thread I sent has been received and acknowledged, the patterns I sent have been received, the first set of blocks are in transit, and I need to mail the other set of blocks today.  I also volunteered to send someone a good bit of yardage, but they never responded.  😕  

I have received my first two packages in return, selvedges.  I want to knit a selvedge rug as seen at crazy mom quilt's blog.  I've been saving my selvedges forever and they just don't accumulate as fast as you would expect.  So anyway, I got some and one had the sweetest note with it.  Her mom died recently and she'd inherited fabric from her and sent me some of the selvedges her mom had saved.  I'm expecting two more packages in today's mail.  It is so fun to see what people send.
Right now it looks like my sewing room cabinet installation will be the week of Thanksgiving.

We have a week and a half left before our FLL competition.

I read this really interesting article yesterday about the costs of pattern producing and blogging and thought I would share.  There's a lot to think about, whether you are a pattern producer or a pattern consumer.

Also, now that we're definitely in fall, I love throwing something in the crock pot and having it be ready for dinner.  (Actually I always love throwing something in the crock pot.)  Here is one of my current favorite recipes, Rustic Chicken Slow Cooker Stew.  It's really simple and filling and tasty.  I buy a package of chicken tenderloins and it works great.

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