So Close and Yet So Far

I haven't been doing a whole lot of interesting sewing.  A little bit of piecing over the weekend, but nothing worth sharing yet.

I've been trying to finish off this cross stitch in the evenings, and I'm really close.  This is my first time cross stitching on printed fabric like this.  Sometimes it's a little hard to get the needle through the paint.  The worst part is that there is a partial dot showing above the lady snowman's head!
We are deep into FLL season now, with only three and a half weeks left until competition.  We have practice twice a week and every weekend now.

And my father-in-law called last night to let us know that my sewing room cabinets are ready.  He's ready to bring them and we can't actually have him come down until after the competition.  NOOOO!😩

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