Busy, Busy

I feel like I'm utterly behind at life this week and am overwhelmed with things I need to do and pay for.  Truly, most of them are no big deal, I just need more hours in my day. I spent a lot of time at appointments with my family last week.  It took almost a full day for my Windows-based tablet that runs my quilting software to update. 😒 I was also tinkering with my long arm because I felt like something wasn't quite right.  The tinkering took a lot of time, but I felt that it was necessary.  My husband ended up tightening my encoders, which helped.  I still felt like something was off with the tension and looked at external bobbin winders--the Juki has a built in one that is kind of testy.

Saturday we ran a few errands and then went to pick apples.  Our "local" orchard is over an hour away. Coming from Michigan, where orchards are abundant, it's really difficult to find anything similar here in south central Indiana. So once a year we drive and pick apples.  

After we finished at the orchard, we drove another hour to the north side of Indianapolis so that I could buy an external bobbin winder.  The cost was hard to swallow, but I tried quilting with bobbins wound on it yesterday, and wow!  What a huge difference.  Testing with the Towa gauge was very even.  A quilt that I would normally have planned using 4-6 bobbins on only took a little more than two.  Just wow.

Here is the winder I bought.  In case you wondered, I chose this one simply because I didn't have to pay shipping and could get it right away.  Well, other than the lengthy drive to get it.  Plus, I could double-check that my bobbins actually worked with it prior to purchase.  We did run into a bit of an issue during assembly--the screws very easily stripped out the threads, so my husband changed out the screws and added some nuts since the threads were trashed.  That was a pain, but otherwise things went well.

So.  I have been busy working on projects and have completed some of them.  But I cannot yet share.

Here are a few sneak peeks.

I'm working on a binding tutorial and that should be available next week.  I'll try to set it up as a download as well as a post.

In other news, we finally got to replanting the garden.  The peas came up right away.  The lettuce is just starting to sprout.  It's planted underneath the structure for the peas. You can also see our very large "cool-a-peno" jalapeño plant that is still going strong.

I did manage to get the applesauce made.
Funny story--I added a bit of cinnamon, decided it wasn't enough, opened the cinnamon container to add more, looked down, and realized that I opened the wrong side of the lid.  It wasn't the side with the little holes.  It was the gaping hole side (aka the side to put a measuring spoon in).  I think I added about 1/4-1/2 cup.  Oops.  The finished applesauce has a decidedly brown appearance.  Also, I think my immersion blender is dying.  I could only use it on the slow setting and it was getting really hot and not really doing a good job at breaking down the apples.  That is sad because it's not that old and I only use it to make applesauce once a year, and maybe a soup once or twice a year.
I'm bogged down with figuring out all the things being a senior in high school requires.  It seems to be lots of time, money, and deadlines.  I don't remember it being that big of a deal when I was a senior myself, but maybe it's just because I was only responsible for myself, not an entire family.  Of course, my school was very small and we didn't have to sign up to participate in commencement; it was a given.  We didn't have to sign up for AP tests because there weren't any AP classes offered.  FAFSA?  Well, we did have that, but my parents did that for me.  

Meanwhile, I am trying to teach my son beginning algebra.  He's picking it up quickly, but it's hard to find time right now to fit it in. The other morning he announced that I should quiz him on the two letter state abbreviations.  I asked him if they were studying that in school.  His reply was, "No.  It just seems like fun."  I find it weird that they haven't studied states and capitals.  Apparently that, like cursive, has gone by the wayside.  :(

I still need to do a lot of work on finally finishing off my quilting service website.  My father in law is coming down this weekend to bring our Murphy bed frame.  We are not even close to being ready.  And it's FLL season and our team is not yet prepared for competition, which is about six weeks out. I know it will all get done, maybe not perfectly, but at least finished.  It can still be overwhelming and stressful until that point though.

Oh, I finally finished the John Urschel book.  It was really interesting and made me feel unintelligent at times.  But that's okay.  I learned a lot and also ruminated on how much math I've forgotten.  I was never anywhere near Urschel's level, but I sure was a lot better in my 20s than I am now.  If you don't use it, you lose it, for sure.
I am currently reading this classic.  It's hard to adjust to the older writing style.  I got about 1/3 of the way through during fencing practice the other night. Do you know the differences between mean, median, and mode and how they affect reporting?
And I just finished this one that my friend lent me.  So many interesting ideas.  We could do so much more.
I really enjoy reading.  I usually read several books a week, along with a few newspapers a day and some magazines.  Most of the time I prefer light-hearted romances or mysteries that I can get for free on my Kindle.  Things that I can read for enjoyment that I don't have to think hard about. Sometimes I switch it up and read more serious things.  :)  What do you like to read?

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As always, thanks for reading.

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