Lots of Secret Sewing

I can't really share a whole lot this week, though I've been spending a lot of time in my sewing room.  Maybe a few sneak peeks.

Here's a bit of quilting to show you.
Here's something in progress that I can share in a few weeks.
Remember these blocks from last week?  
I was contemplating spending a lot of time and effort on Y-seam piecing to make them into a top.  Denise at For the love of geese suggested appliquéing them onto background fabric.  I had thought of that initially, but I seriously hate sewing by hand (with the exception of binding).  But when she mentioned it, I thought maybe I could use Lori Holt's interfacing method and then tack them down to the background by machine.  Now I just need to buy a ton of interfacing and background fabric.  And finish my secret sewing projects, which all have deadlines within the next month.

We finally harvested the last of the beets that had been neglected in the garden.  I decided to try to make beet chips with them using this recipe.  I could not get the beets to slice thin enough with the slicer I had, and also I feel like I had way too much olive oil.  I had to bake them significantly longer than the recipe directed, probably due to their thickness, and they looked nothing like the picture.  However, my kids stood and finished off both trays in about five minutes.  I tried a few, and they tasted better than the other methods of cooking we've tried so far.  I may try growing beets again next year and give this method another try.  

You can see by the outlines on the tray how much they shrunk.  Also, red beets are by far the best.

Let's end on a super happy note.  My quilt guild raised $1876 for the local Dolly Parton Imagination Library with this quilt that my guild mates pieced and I quilted and bound. This is the quilt that also won 1st place in its category at the fair.  :)
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  1. Great idea to applique down those quilt block stars. I am bidding on similar ones on an auction site.

  2. Glad my suggestion reignited the applique thought. The quilting is wonderful on the guild quilt and congrats on the win. The quilt those colorful blocks are going into is going to be wonderful, I like that fabric. Beets, none for me please. DH loves pickled beets.