NASA quilt

I've managed to get most of a quilt done in the last week.  I started piecing it on August 27 and attached the binding to the front yesterday.  I mentioned last week that the top was a Riley Blake kit that we switched fabrics on.  My son chose the fabric arrangement and I think he did a great job!  I like his version a lot better than the original.
For the backing, we purchased another panel in the same line of fabric and used one of the fabrics in the kit plus some additional to make the backing large enough. I pre-washed the fabrics and they had a good bit of shrinkage.  Maybe as a result, I had a hard time getting the backing to lie flat, so I had to rip the top and bottom seams, re-square everything, and reattach them.  It still wasn't great, but it mostly worked out.  No tucks or folds, so we'll call it a win.

I may have mentioned before that it is really, really hard to get a pieced backing to be exactly even and centered during the long arm process.  I thought I had this one fairly close, but it's far from perfect.  Good enough for who it's for.  😏
Overall, I'm pleased with how this one is coming out.  We chose the quilting design "Sweep" from Urban Elementz and I used a coordinating gray So Fine thread.
In other news, we have added a new-to-us 2010 Prius to our silver fleet (our other cars are silver too, and of a similar vintage).  The intention is to entice my daughter to finish her driver's training hours and get her license before she starts college, at which point she will be able to have this as her commuter car.  She's not exactly happy that her dad will probably be driving this to and from work in the meantime. He tells me it's not good to leave hybrids sitting undriven, something to do with the battery.  I'll take his word on that since he's the car guy.  I guess she just needs to get motivated and finish the hours.

Speaking of cars, we went to the local car show on Labor Day and I finally got a picture of this Mystery Machine.  We used to see it parked in our community all the time, but we were never able to get a good photo.  We finally saw it again, and up close.  They really have a theme going on.  
I started reading the John Urschel book.  I'm not that far in, but it's good so far.  

We weeded one of the flower beds.  We need to finish harvesting beets and potatoes and replant peas and lettuce soon.

Come back and visit Friday for another edition of Funny Things.

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  1. The NASA quilt is a star!!! Really like the astronaut and his space suit.

  2. You've each done well in your parts on the NASA quilt. I love going to car shows, that's where I'll be this weekend. Love the Mystery Machine.