Lack of Focus

Where does the time go?  I'm not even sure what I have been spending my time on over the past week, but it sure hasn't been sewing.

My sole sewing accomplishment last week was sewing these flamingo napkins using fabric a friend brought me.
I am considering piecing this pile of stars into a quilt.  I purchased these years ago from an elderly neighbor.  I'm guessing his wife sewed them, but she had passed before we even moved to the area. Many of them appear to be sewn from feed sacks.  Most of the stars are hand sewn.  A few have one or two seams sewn by machine.  The construction for most of the blocks seems to be: sew strips into a diamond shape. Baste/hand-sew a muslin/feed sack diamond to the back.  Assemble diamonds into star shapes.
I'm not sure I'm really able to commit the time and brainpower to finish these at the moment. They are all slightly different in size and it would involve a lot of set-in seams.  Some of the fabric isn't the greatest.  On the other hand, they don't really deserve to sit in a box for the rest of time and they are mostly bright, cheerful colors.  If I am able to figure out a reliable, somewhat quick method, I could enter the finished quilt into a show in the spring that has a specific category for found items.

Does anyone out there in blogger land have any suggestions for how to proceed with these?

I recently purchased EQ8 and I'm participating in a block-drawing challenge with Kari Schell of On Point Quilter.  Here's what I drew following her instructions yesterday, recolored to suit my taste.  What do you think?
Also, JoAnn was having a reasonable sale on Kona yesterday, so I bought a bunch of yardage with the idea of stitching out small samples of my available edge-to-edge designs.  I'd love to get this done sooner than later, but I clearly am having trouble managing my time lately.  
My to-do list is getting out of hand.  Send help! I need to focus! :)

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  1. I seem to be suffering from the same affliction!! I have no help to offer, just know that i am here cheering you on! Ha ha!

  2. Since they are not all the same size why not applique the stars onto a background and go with a non traditional/irregular grid? Or just applique each one to a single background fabric? Thank you for linking up to Put your foot down. With all those colors you could finish and call it Worlds Fair.